ConnectAll Bible Institute Prize Presentation Ceremony


The following awards are provided by ConnectAll Bible Institute:
Be Strong in Adversity, Love the Lord Honestly Student Award
The prizes are awarded to students to strive for self-improvement in adversity and work hard to advance towards their goals. Students are encouraged to live godliness in school, family, church and society, glorify God and benefit others, and become believers with good spiritual virtues.
The awardees are:

2A    Mak Wing Lam
4B    Wong Shun Yeung
4C    Mak Lam
6A    Leung Man To
6B    Szeto Wai Kei
6C    Tong Wai Hang Lemuel

Joint School Outstanding Student Achievement Award
The prizes are awarded to the outstanding students in the Up Learning Education Fund Superb Award Scheme so that they will be more motivated to further climb up to the peak.
The awardees are:
4C    Lam Cheuk Hei Hugo
6C    Tong Wai Hang Lemuel