Our Philosophy

1. Spiritual Education

1.1  Cultivate students’  love and respect for the truth and principles of the Bible.
1.2  Guide and foster the students’ faith in the Lord. Live Out the Truth and develop the testimony of the Gospel.
1.3  Foster positive ethics and values in life according to the Bible.

2. Moral Education

2.1  To develop students’ personality, nurture their sense of responsibility, and cultivate their self-discipline.
2.2  To teach students to respect others with love and foster their compassion so that they can help others and contribute to society.
2.3  To nurture the students to be a sensible and peaceful person and develop their positive attitude towards marriage

3. Intellectual Education

3.1  To enhance the academic level of students and further cultivate their learning potential.
3.2  To provide a well-balanced education platform for the development of the whole person.
3.3 To develop students’ hobbies and interests, foster their self-learning and cultivate independent thinking skills and lifelong learning skills.

4. Physical Education

4.1  To strengthen students’ physical fitness and cultivate their good life habits and maintain their health.
4.2  To develop students’ interests and skills in various sports through lessons, training and competitions.

5. Social Education

5.1  To enhance students’ social skills and strengthen their emotional quotient.
5.2  To develop students’ leadership skills by encouraging them to participate in both internal and external competitions
5.3  To provide chances for students to participate in extra-curricular activities for building up a harmonious relationship with teachers and peers.

6. Aesthetic Education

To develop students’ understanding of culture and society as well as their aesthetic ability. We nurture students’ ability in the appreciation of art and artwork and encourage them to engage in different creative art forms.

7. Home-School Cooperation

7.1  To provide assistance to parents on understanding the school missions and activities
7.2  To strengthen the knowledge of parents on the transformation of society which affects family and children