Curriculum Objectives

Enable students to:

  • understand the changing of our natural and human environments
  • explain the inter-relationships among people and their environments
  • realize their responsibilities in conserving their environments


Curriculum Content

  • develop students’ map reading skills
  • understand the formation processes of landform features
  • explain geographical issues by enquiry approach
  • apply information technology in studying geography
  • enrich students’ learning experience through field trips



Weather Station - Installation of Automatic Weather stations on the rooftop
20-21 LKPFC Weather Station - Wind vane and anemometer measuring wind direction and wind speed
20-21 LKPFC Weather Station - Rain gauge with solar radiation, UV, temperature and humidity sensors
20-21 LKPFC Weather Station - Display of weather data collected from our school

19-20 Visit Organic Farm - Visit Au Law Organic Farm in Yuen Long
19-20 Visit Organic Farm - Farm work experience
19-20 Visit Organic Farm - Learning to use a farming machine
19-20 Visit Organic Farm - What a good harvest!

18-19 Cheung Chau Coastal Study - Measuring the slope angle of Tung Wan beach on Cheung Chau Island
18-19 Cheung Chau Coastal Study - Observing the height difference along the beach
18-19 Cheung Chau Coastal Study - Doing laboratory work on the beach sediments collected from field
18-19 Cheung Chau Coastal Study - Investigate soil texture by sedimentation