Curriculum Objectives

The objectives of this assessment are to evaluate students’ abilities and achievements in the following:

  1. to know and understand fundamental economic concepts and theories;
  2. to apply such concepts and theories to explain real world situations, especially the Hong Kong economy;
  3. to understand and interpret economic information presented in various forms;
  4. to acquire the basic tools of economic analysis;
  5. to analyze economic issues;
  6. to evaluate arguments, proposals and policies from different perspectives and make informed judgments; and
  7. to present ideas clearly, and in a well-reasoned manner, illustrating answers with diagrams and examples.


Curriculum Content

  1. Basic concepts

  2. Firms & Production

  3. Market & Price

  4. Competition & Market Structure

  5. Efficiency, Equity & the Role of Government

  6. Measurement of Economic performance

  7. National Income Determination & Price Level

  8.  Money & Banking

  9. Macroeconomic Problems & Policies

  10. International Trade & Finance

  11. Monopoly Pricing, Anti-competitive Behaviours & Competition Policies



Sales at Lunar New Year Market
Sales at Lunar New Year Market
Sales at Lunar New Year Market
The first girl (Lam Ching) who obtained 5** in economics in DES