Youth Pi Dubbing Premiere

Organised by: Home Affairs Department Youth Pi @ Kwun Tong



Growth Mindset Assembly

Theme: Blessings Only, Moving Forward in Adversity

Ms. Michelle Siu, a visually impaired musician, has been invited to our school for giving us an inspirational talk, where she sang a few songs and used her own experiences to encourage students to overcome their challenges and problems in a positive spirit.

逆境前行周會 - 語錄:

蕭凱恩 - Heal the World:


Slogan Design Competition



S3 Assembly

Theme: Walk Together in Adversity Teachers’ Hymn Sharing: a group of teachers named ‘Teensong’ shared motivational hymns to let students feel the love and care from their teachers.

Speaker: Ms. Betty Li, a 2021 HKDSE candidate born with a severe hearing impairment, delivered a talk on positive thinking to S3 students.

逆境同行分享會 - 神恩:

逆境同行分享會 - 神是我這生供應者 -


Teachers-students Sports Games Day

Sports Games Day was organized to enhance communication among students and teachers, and to develop a healthy lifestyle of doing exercises.

師生同樂競技賽 - 跳繩:

師生同樂競技賽 - 足球、籃球:

師生同樂競技賽 - 排球: