Spiritual Affairs Committee

'He is the one we proclaim, admonishing and teaching everyone with all wisdom, so that we may present everyone fully mature in Christ.(Colossians 1:28)'

Based on the mission of the school institution, Jesus Christ is the Master of New Life, our school actively promotes education on Christianity.  Spiritual Affairs Committee is established for organizing the spiritual activities of the students.  The New Life Gospel Church (新生命福音堂) works closely with the school on holding various activities and camps to nurture students’ spirituality and leadership. All efforts aim to cultivate students’ spiritual growth and putting evangelistic mission in action.



  1. To guide students to know more about Christianity, accept salvation and have positive value.
  2. To establish a good relationship with God, with others and with themselves.
  3. To develop the leadership of Christian students for evangelizing in school.


Regular Work


A.     Whole school activities

        Spiritual Assembly

        Christmas and Easter Worship

        Religious Week

        Blessing activities for F.1 and F.6 students

        Evangelical meetings


B.     Groups

        Student Christian Fellowship

        Class prayer meetings

        Bible studies groups


C.     Camp

        Growth Camp for F.2 students

        Fellowship retreat camp


Core members of Spiritual Affairs Committee

  1. Mr. Huen Yun On (Chairman)
  2. Mr. Ma Kam Yuen (Deputy Chairman)
  3. Miss Yu Kit Ching
  4. Miss Dung Lai Yee
  5. Miss Tsang Ka Sim
  6. Miss Yau Wing Yiu 



Teachers and students have prayer meeting at lunch time
Students pray at class prayer meeting
Fellowship retreat camp (2018-2019) in Breakthrough Youth Village
Commencement of Student Christian Fellowship(2018-2019)
Brass band
Joyous atmosphere fills the hall